WEEKEND IMMERSION: Adventures in Yoga with Caroline Wybar – NOVEMBER 4-6


Caroline Wybar returns in November to lead a full weekend immersion event!

If you have an open mind, enjoy supporting the people around you, and benefit from learning in a hands-on, interactive format, the join Caroline on an amazing weekend journey. This immersion is for teachers who wish to refine their craft as well as for students who simply wish to deepen their practice. Each module of this workshop will incorporate a discussion portion along with physical asana.

FRIDAY EVENING (11/4) 6-8pm “Releasing Your Wings” – This two-hour workshop will use a combination of techniques including Iyengar-inspired stretches, trigger point therapy and yin to refresh and rejuvenate your hands, wrists, forearms, shoulders, upper back and chest.

SATURDAY MORNING (11/5) 12-2:30pm “Precision Instrument” – Awaken the subtle muscles of the shoulder girdle and refine patterns of movement to reduce the risk of strain and injury to the body’s most mobile – and therefore – most unstable joint. Certain key poses that require weight-bearing on the arms – e.g. downward-facing dog, chaturanga dandasana and wheel pose – will be broken down in depth.

SATURDAY AFTERNOON, (11/5) 3:30-6pm “Bridging the Subtle and the Gross” – Yoga trains us to become more skillful listeners to the rich language of sensation inside of our bodies. Movements and transitions become living expressions of energy that reveal themselves from the inside out. This workshop will explore the meaning of “core” in yoga and the idea of relaxing the outer body to access inner vitality and strength.

SATURDAY EVENING (11/5) 6:30-8:30pm “The Vastness Within” – This workshop will begin with a 45-minute pranayama practice followed by a 30-minute meditation. Soothe your nervous system, replenish vital energy, and rekindle your connection to Spirit as you let yourself be carried to a quiet, expansive place inside. Bathe in the sound of crystal singing bowls as your rest deeply in savasana.

SUNDAY MORNING (11/6) 12-2:30pm “Up Against the Wall” – The question underpinning this workshop is: How can we attend to the old familiar in way that invites wonder and awe? Beginning with opening the hips in a way that targets the entire circumference of the joint before moving onto standing poses, this workshop will use the wall as a prop to facilitate fresh discovery in many of the foundational poses of your practice. You will also have the opportunity in a safe and supported way to access deeper expressions of certain poses as well as to experiment with more advanced variations.

SUNDAY AFTERNOON (11/6) 4-6:30pm “The Altar in your Heart” – Backbends are invigorating, uplifting… and frequently terrifying! They urgently invite us out of our comfort zone and into the unknown. By opening to their intensity and yielding to our natural curiosity, we gain a precious opportunity to uncover the untold longings of our hearts. Inquire into the power of backbends to dislodge fear, to usher in joy, and to cultivate a sense of our interconnectedness with all of life.

Cost: $249

The course fee includes selected reading materials. These readings (to be enjoyed on your own time) are intended to provide a philosophical context for the physical practice, allowing you to tap into the depth and richness of this ancient tradition and to explore its relevance in your life today.

This workshop also counts as 14 CEUs for all RYTs.

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