Yoga Etiquette and Best Practices

While yoga can be practiced in solitude, many prefer the support and encouragement of a practice community such as ArtiZen. Regardless of where you are in your practice, you have much to gain and much to contribute. We welcome you. The following tips are intended to help you join the group with confidence.

The Golden Rule: Treat others as you would like to be treated.

Common sense and common courtesy will always serve you well. The rest, as they say, is mostly just details.

Arrive on time.

Our studio doors open at least 15 minutes before each class and lock 10 minutes after class begins. This is for your safety and the security of your belongings. Arriving a few minutes early will give you time to sign in with the teacher or ambassador, set up your mat, and center yourself before class begins. If you do slip in the door after class has begun – and it happens to all of us occasionally – please do so quietly.

Remove your shoes.

In many cultures, removing one’s shoes is a sign of respect or reverence. From a more practical perspective, removing your street shoes also helps keep our studio floors clean. You will find cubbies just inside the door for your shoes, jackets, phone, keys, etc.

Turn off your cell phone.

Nothing breaks everyone’s concentration like a nice, loud ringtone. Please make it a habit to turn yours off as you enter the studio. Should you forget, please turn the phone off as quickly as possible. We recognize that some of our students are on call 24×7 due to their job or family responsibilities. If you can NOT turn off your cell phone, please at least turn off the ringer and place your phone discretely at the front of your mat, where you can reach it quickly. Do not begin talking or texting IN the studio. Also remember that if you step out into the stairwell, the door WILL lock behind you.

Unless the teacher is asking questions, do not talk during class.

If you have an emergency, either step out of the class or bring the situation to your instructor’s attention as appropriate. But otherwise please respect both your teacher and your fellow students by refraining from talking during practice. There will be plenty of time to chat before and after class.

Stay for the entire class.

Unless you have an emergency, or have told your instructor ahead of time that you may need to leave early, please stay for the entire class. The beginning and end of class are important parts of your practice.

Modify your practice as necessary.

We can modify your practice for your safety, and to help you enjoy your practice more. During class, listen to your body. You will know when to test its limits and when to respect them. Remember that Child Pose is always there whenever you need it.

Stay hydrated.

Drink water before, during and after class. Many of our classes are intended to make students sweat. Even in our unheated classes, you will practice poses that cleanse the lymphatic and immune systems. Help this natural practice by giving your body plenty of fluids.

Avoid eating right before class.

There is an art to making sure your body has enough fuel to get you through class. Most students find it uncomfortable to practice on a full stomach. Don’t arrive ravenous, but don’t come in stuffed either.

Bring (or rent) what you need.

Most students prefer to use their own mats. If you are new to yoga, or forgot to grab yours, we do rent mats for a nominal fee. Sanitizer is provided; please wipe down your rental mat before returning it. You’ll want an environmentally-friendly water bottle. You can fill yours at our cooler. We also sell water and coconut water in the reception area. Finally, bring a towel… especially for hot yoga classes.

Avoid heavy makeup and perfume.

We come together to practice. Heavy perfume can be distracting to you and others. Makeup is more likely to get in your eyes and on your towel than to keep you beautiful through 60-90 minutes of intense yoga. Come as you really are, and you’ll find you fit right in.

Let go.

Show up real, and give yourself the gift of being truly present for the entire class. Let go of the need to impress others. Let go of the day’s stresses. Let go of your expectations for how your practice should go and how your body should respond. Be with what is… and prepare to be amazed.