40 Days to Personal Revolution – KICKS OFF MARCH 4TH

40 Days 8x10Join us for an intensive program based on Baron Baptiste’s book 40 Days to Personal Revolution. Over the course of six weeks, you and a small-but-dedicated community will utilize daily asana, meditation, inquiry and diet to deepen your practice and transform your life. Are YOU a yoga revolutionary?

The program includes: daily yoga practice, principles to cleanse your eating patterns, guidelines to begin and deepen a mediation practice, and guided inquiry to help dispel limiting beliefs and thought patterns.

Your 40 Day commitment:
-daily yoga practice
-daily meditation practice
-daily journaling
-weekly reading
-weekly meetings

March 5th – April 14th
Meetings Wednesdays 6pm
Special kickoff March 4th

$40 members / $115 non-members
(40 day unlimited yoga pass included for non-members)

The book 40 Days to Personal Revolution, by Baron Baptiste, can be purchased separately.

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