4-WEEK PROGRAM: 28 Days to a New YOU! with Elizabeth Vanderpool & Mariah Robinson, MAY 1-28

ArtiZen greenmonkey 28 Day yoga program

Bring your practice fully to life and transform your body and whole being with 28 Days to a New You! This program will challenge you to live every day to your fullest potential and awaken the sacred within your soul with joy and enthusiasm. Join us for this incredible experience of community and connection through yoga, meditation, acts of kindness, weekly meetings, a balancing diet, and so much more!

If you are going to be a slave to your habits, you might as well make them good ones…

Here are the 6 Steps to liberation:
• 6 classes each week
• daily 10min meditation
• daily acts of kindness
• 1 day of self enjoyment
• eating for vitality
• daily journaling

4 weekly meetings, plus an optional graduation & celebration meeting* Sundays 6pm:

May 1 | May 8 | May 15 | May 22 | *May 29

$129 includes unlimited yoga | $39 add-on for auto-pay members

“There is nothing that you can do outside of yourself that is more powerful than learning to go within. There are no quick fixes or external vises for transformation. Commit to do the work that will change behaviors that do not serve you! This is a journey for discovering your internal wisdom and personal truth for freedom of spirit and total transformation of body & mind.” ~Kiersten Mooney, greenmonkey® co-founder

Frequently Asked Questions:
• YES! Everyone who takes at least 24 classes during the program will get a great commemorative tee!
• YES! If you have to miss a day, you can make it up by doubling up on another day.
• YES! Workshops count as a class for your attendance (including our Meditation workshops). They are an additional cost, however.
• YES! Only classes at the studio count, not home practice or classes elsewhere. This program is to practice together as a community.
• YES! Even if you think you might not be able to complete the program, you should register! It is a great way to make a commitment to get on your mat more often, and you might just surprise yourself!

Register today!